Asim Shahmalak

Dr Asim ShahmalakRenown Hair Transplant Surgeon

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dr Asim Shahmalak on his website at Crown Clinic, he is such a charismatic character and was really great to work with.

Asim Shahmalak was a very professional client to work with, demanding high results and performance in a very unassuming manner. The content refresh on his website was undertaken over a few months as Dr Shahmalak is fastidious about his website copy and rightly so since his site has sat near the top of search for a number of years for his generic search terms.

The process was streamlined though and Dr Shahmalak would check thoroughly each section as we worked through the website, it was all done at distance and to save him time (he is a very busy man) and often he would review the copy late or grab time between surgeries.

The job is not quite done yet but there is nothing quite like a content refresh for a high performing website like the Crown Clinic as it keeps Google very interested.

With search terms such as - hair transplant costing many £’s per click in paid search (Google Adwords) Dr Shahmalaks natural search position is very valuable.

Asim Shahmalak

Dr Christian Jesson - Before and After

When researching I found a number of accolades for Asim Shahmalak including the renown TV doctor Christian Jesson who had his hair transplant work done with Asim at the Crown Clinic, if you look at Dr Jesson then of course you would not even know he has had this work done unless you look at aged pictures, that is how good Dr Shahmalak is.

As an afterthought I also concluded that a vote of confidence for cosmetic surgery such as this does not get any better than a testimonial from one doctor from a different type of practice to another.

Certainly if you look at the image of the before and after on the left margin you can clearly see what an excellent job this was, this is also very apt since Dr Jesson is predominantly involved in helping people overcome embarrassing health issues.

The health issues are not always about the obvious either, it is well known that people suffering from hair loss have a lot of anxiety and mental repercussions.

Anyway I digress, the job is a bit like painting the fourth road bridge as we have found that this particular combination of writing style and frequency is really keeping the website bouyant in search results – and thats a result we like!

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